The Corbyn Commie Controversy ft. Luke Bailey and Emily Hines aka @IHateNYT

February 25, 2018


Riley's vacation sure did put a dent in the release schedule. But we're back! Abi's back! Baby's got back! Whatever. Riley (@Raaleh), Olga (@Rocknrolga), Abi (@AbiWilks), Milo (@Milo_Edwards) are joined by Luke Bailey (@ImBadAtLife) subbing in for Hussein (@HKesvani) and Emily Hines (@IHateNYT) to talk about the Corbyn commie smears (this was recorded pre Ben Bradley apology) at some length in the first half, and then Emily comes on in the second to help us rubbish the United States Paper of Record (record shortest accidental hiring of someone with connections to white supremacist groups, to be specific). There's a lot in this one, so I hope the wait was worth it.

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