Social Chain Gang ft. Luke Bailey, Eleanor Penny

April 30, 2018

Don't disable ad blockers for this one - it's all about the business mindset assholes behind Social Chain, the company that is responsible for the mindless hashtags and campaigns you see for increasingly pointless products. Luke Bailey (@imbadatlife) of the I-Paper comes through with original reporting on this weird company. Eleanor Penny (@eleanorkpenny) and Suze (@suzemarsupial) round out the cast for this first of two episodes from last week's session (both sections ran long so we're splittin' em). Riley (@raaleh) is also there.

I recieved a letter in cut out magazine lettering that Hussein is safe and well, and for a bounty of two crypto kitties he will be returned to the show. In fact... I think I hear his music somewhere off in the distance. Getting louder.