Riley’s Commie Book Club AKA “Better Read Than Dead”: Psychopolitics

March 20, 2018

It's TRASHSOLO II time, baby. Riley's (@raaleh) been back at the books, and talks about what Byung Chul Han's new Psychopolitics, out now on Verso. It's a fantastic book that speaks to a lot of where we are today with data, control, and predictability. I think it encapsulates a lot of the intellectual underpinnings of the show. Why we don't like Jay Shetty, why we hate the daycare world, and why we all think being an idiot is so important.

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Let me know if you liked this format/if you want to do more of Riley's Commie Book Club, because I really enjoyed doing it. Please direct all criticism of my grasp of theory to @coplandresident.

The book is here, I encourage everyone to read it:

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