Entirely Too Much Critical Theory About Winnie the Pooh ft. Edie Miller and Alex Hern

March 28, 2018

So this is a funny one pals. One of our microphones finally died, so our discussion with Alex Hern (@alexhern) about Cambridge Analytica and Uber got totally drowned out in static (we'll be sitting down with him again soon).

Instead, here is presented what we could save - the garbagemen, Edie (@multiplebears), and Hern just sitting down and bullshitting about how the winnie the pooh universe is an analogue for modern politics, and how Edie triggered the entire internet by making baby clothes with gentle socialist puns on them (the horror!).

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PS: this was edited down and salvaged before Nate (@inthesedeserts) joined, so we're going back to good audio quality next week <3