LIVEFUTURE II: This Time… It’s Accidental ft. Many Friends

March 4, 2018

It's time for the TRASHFUTURE accidental live show. Riley (@raaleh) and Hussein (@HKesvani) got up in front of a bewildered crowd with some old friends: Elena Cresci (@ElenaCresci) from TV, Luke Bailey (@ImBadAtLife) from the internet, and Jack Frayne-Reid (@coplandresident), scurrilous host of the disreputable Reel Politik Podcast (@reel_politcast). We do a product that nearly killed Len, we read yet another article from our favourite nu-metal edgelord Brednan O'Neill, and then we resurrected Cop or Comrade? for the digital age (spoiler they're all cops).

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us pay for the cost of the room, and shout out especially to @justafish, who was instrumental in helping cover the cost of the recording. We broke even!

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There will be more live episodes! Updates to come.



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