Developers of the World… Unite! ft. Trevor Strunk

March 25, 2018

It's a nerdcast, folks! Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Suze (@SuzeMarsupial) subbing in for Hussein (@HKesvani) talk to Trevor Strunk (@Hegelbon), the host of the inimitable No Cartridge (@NoCartridge) gaming podcast.

We begin by reading an article about milennials building a mountain fortress from which to rule the world with apps, and then Trev tells us about how Gamergate birthed the alt-right, and the new and interesting ways in which the games industry is exploiting everyone's labour... including people who don't know their labour is being exploited.

Also welcome to the new, good sounding Trashfuture with its high quality audio.... which has been lovingly produced by Nate Bethea (@inthesedeserts), who you may remember from a previous episode of this podcast, or his own podcast, Hell of a Way to Die (@hellofaway)

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