Boris Gear Solid Part 3: Syncretic Apotheosis ft. Nish Kumar

November 18, 2019

Comedian Nish Kumar joins the gang to read from Boris Johnson's strange 2004 taut action comedy racist sex novel 72 Virgins for the third and final time. It is genuinely unbelievable that this guy is Prime Minister, not just because of all the outrageous things he says or implies about everyone who isn't an Eton educated white guy, but also because he's just so... incompetent as a communicator. Mostly it reveals more about him, his contempt for you and me, and his extreme internalised guilt about voting for the Iraq War.

If you can vote in Britain and you do not want the man that wrote this book to be your Prime Minister, then you must do the following things:

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But seriously we cannot stress enough how much voting and canvassing matters.