Artificial Intelligunce: Wyatt Koch, Elon Musk, Twitter Nazis ft. James Vincent

December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas you filthy animals - we were going to release this episode, including its excellent interview with AI journalist and labour activist James Vincent (@jjvincent), after Christmas, but decided to blow our loads early.

Riley (@raaleh) Abi (@AbiWilks) Pierre (@pierrenovellie) and Milo (@milo_edwards) are joined by James to talk about Wyatt Koch, the billionaire failson that is the crown jewel the new industrial strategy of America after its tax bill, why Twitter's internal metrics make it such a Nazi friendly platform, and Elon Musk's dumb as fuck plan to replace all public transit with personal underground tunnels.

In the second half, we turn over to James to talk about why AI superintelligence is a red herring - and the real problem is (drumroll) CAPITALISM!

xoxo Riley

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