The Experience Economy Experience ft. Angus Harrison

April 8, 2018

Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) are joined by Angus Harrison (@a_n_g_u_s) who wrote the definitive article on why London is actually a stupid preschool, "The Experience Economy is Killing Youth Culture." If you hate zorbing, adult colouring books, and the other brainless shit that seems to be the only thing to do in Hell World, then this episode's for you. 

Riley admits he once did the ultimate experience economy thing on a date. Milo defends the Bane impression monopoly. Hussein made pasta. Angus ran around in a giant ball.

Here's a link to Angus' article:

xoxo riley


Datapocalypse: Tales from the Babestation ft. Alex Hern

April 5, 2018

Riley, Olga, and Milo sit down with Guardian technology reporter Alex Hern (@AlexHern) to talk about the latest round of devilry out of Silicon Valley, including Tesla's volunteer brigades, how Uber killed a lady, and then we go deep into Cambridge Analytica and why it doesn't really matter, but you should still be mad.

I mean, none of that matters because we have an extended riff about babestation that absolutely slaps.

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Sensitive Tycoons Pilot Episode

April 1, 2018

Liz Truss filed an injunction to take over our RSS feed because we were too negative. So instead of @raaleh, @HKesvani, @rocknrolga, @milo_edwards, and special guest @fraserwat talking about how the entire world is turning into youtube clips of the movie Crank, we've been replaced by a group with a somewhat... sunnier outlook.

These... are the Sensitive Tycoons, and they're here to help you become a #freedomfighter.

Nate was replaced as producer by the guy from the black rifle coffee company who tried to start his car with a flamethrower, but he's still competent so at least it sounds good.


Entirely Too Much Critical Theory About Winnie the Pooh ft. Edie Miller and Alex Hern

March 28, 2018

So this is a funny one pals. One of our microphones finally died, so our discussion with Alex Hern (@alexhern) about Cambridge Analytica and Uber got totally drowned out in static (we'll be sitting down with him again soon).

Instead, here is presented what we could save - the garbagemen, Edie (@multiplebears), and Hern just sitting down and bullshitting about how the winnie the pooh universe is an analogue for modern politics, and how Edie triggered the entire internet by making baby clothes with gentle socialist puns on them (the horror!).

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PS: this was edited down and salvaged before Nate (@inthesedeserts) joined, so we're going back to good audio quality next week <3


Developers of the World… Unite! ft. Trevor Strunk

March 25, 2018

It's a nerdcast, folks! Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Suze (@SuzeMarsupial) subbing in for Hussein (@HKesvani) talk to Trevor Strunk (@Hegelbon), the host of the inimitable No Cartridge (@NoCartridge) gaming podcast.

We begin by reading an article about milennials building a mountain fortress from which to rule the world with apps, and then Trev tells us about how Gamergate birthed the alt-right, and the new and interesting ways in which the games industry is exploiting everyone's labour... including people who don't know their labour is being exploited.

Also welcome to the new, good sounding Trashfuture with its high quality audio.... which has been lovingly produced by Nate Bethea (@inthesedeserts), who you may remember from a previous episode of this podcast, or his own podcast, Hell of a Way to Die (@hellofaway)

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Riley’s Commie Book Club AKA “Better Read Than Dead”: Psychopolitics

March 20, 2018

It's TRASHSOLO II time, baby. Riley's (@raaleh) been back at the books, and talks about what Byung Chul Han's new Psychopolitics, out now on Verso. It's a fantastic book that speaks to a lot of where we are today with data, control, and predictability. I think it encapsulates a lot of the intellectual underpinnings of the show. Why we don't like Jay Shetty, why we hate the daycare world, and why we all think being an idiot is so important.

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Let me know if you liked this format/if you want to do more of Riley's Commie Book Club, because I really enjoyed doing it. Please direct all criticism of my grasp of theory to @coplandresident.

The book is here, I encourage everyone to read it:

xoxo love



TRASHSOLO Milo: 22 Short Films About Moscow

March 19, 2018

Milo Edwards (@Milo_Edwards) talks about Russia and the "dire, dire imaginings of his deep unconscious" in our first experimental solo episode. What's it like to live there. How did he find his flat. Russian elections. Why is Trump the funniest person who ever lived. What's Milo like by himself? Psychology abounds.

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PFIdiocy ft. Alan White

March 15, 2018

Alan White (@aljwhite) is the News Editor at Buzzfeed, and also the author of "Who Really Runs Britain?", an investigation of the private companies taking control of benefits, prisons, asylum, deportation, security, social care and the NHS. He joins Hussein (@HKesvani) and Riley (@raaleh) to talk about the toxicity of media culture and the conservative outrage factory first, before plunging into the pernicious nonsense that is PFI and Outsourcing. Riley gets mad about avocados again.

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Erotic Fan Fiction About Capitalism ft. Tom Kibasi

March 12, 2018

Tom Kibasi (@TomKibasi), who is the director the IPPR think tank during the week, joins us in a personal capacity over the weekend for a recording session.

We talk about the two geniouses who re-wrote the Communist Manifesto because they got angry about being left out of class struggle (or something), we read our first ever Megan McCarticle, and then we break down the industrial strategy proposed by Tory MP Alan Mak, the Mak Attack. It's a big one folks!

NOTE: Tom's audio is a little messed up from minute 40:00 to 49:00 - sorry as ever. Can someone who is actually good at this please reach out to me.




De-Trash Rock City ft. Jonn Elledge

March 8, 2018

Join Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Alex (@alexkealy), as we sit down with Jonn Elledge (@JonnElledge) - editor of the City Metric section at the New Statesman to talk about the roots of the housing crisis and why urban privatisation is categorially cruel and stupid. At least after we bloviate about politics for like 15 minutes. 

Riley takes a bold stand against imperialism. Milo is accidentally knowledgable about classic leftist literature. Alex has a run in with Michael Gove. Jonn chornicles his journey left.

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